Forrester: How Can Content and Technology Empower B2B Sellers? [Video]

August 24, 2016 | Molly Buccini
Forrester: How Can Content and Technology Empower B2B Sellers? [Video]

If you’re part of a sales and marketing organization, you likely know these three things to be true:

  • B2B salespeople rely on great content to support their conversations in the marketplace.
  • Despite this, 70% of marketing content actually goes unused by salespeople.
  • As a result, B2B marketing organizations often struggle to prove ROI for the content they provide to the sales organization.

Disconnects between sales and marketing are nothing new – but the reality is, it’s impacting your entire organization. Content plays a major role for buyers when selecting a solution, meaning when it’s ineffective (and/or not used), it can impact sales team performance – and revenue.

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That’s why it needs to be easy for salespeople to use the best, most relevant content at the right time – something sales enablement technology can help with, says to Mary Shea, principal analyst at Forrester Research, in the video above.

And that content isn’t limited to what they’re using in meetings, such as presentations.

“They need to be able to have easy access to things such as call scripts, RFPs, and a variety of things that might even tell them how, when and where to use particular marketing assets,” she explains.

Reps need a simple way to access all of their content needs – anywhere and everywhere they need them – whether they’re in the office, at a trade show booth, or on an airplane. A content portal should:

  1. Be accessible across devices, so reps at meetings or in-transit can access content on their mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Have support for multiple content formats, so reps can access videos, whitepapers, presentations and more, all in one place.

When sales enablement solutions have great user adoption, sales and marketing leaders can get rich data analytics into what’s working and what’s not. Forbes Insights research shows 44% of leading companies value these types of sales content analytics to help identify the best content to drive results.

“Sales development platforms get assets in the hands of salespeople at the right times,” Mary says. “These are critical aspects of sales enablement technology. And that’s why marketing and sales leaders are investing in them.”

Mary Shea answers more of your top sales enablement questions here:

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