Forrester: How Can B2B Sellers Meet Today’s Buyer Expectations? [Video]

August 10, 2016 | Molly Buccini
Forrester: How Can B2B Sellers Meet Today’s Buyer Expectations? [Video]

Just because a salesperson thinks he or she is adding value to their conversations with buyers, doesn’t mean it’s always true.

A recent study from Altify and IDD Consult showed that more than half of B2B sellers think they add value to the purchase process. The research suggested 70% of sellers surveyed believe they bring value to sales meetings as well – but buyers surveyed said meetings are only valuable about 50% of the time.

So, what can sales organizations do to more effectively engage with buyers with REAL value?

It’s a question we posed for Mary Shea, principal analyst with Forrester, in the video above. Her advice was to let go of a linear-based sales process.

Mary explains that often times, salespeople try to navigate their buyer through a set of milestones that make sense for the seller, but not necessarily the buyer. At Forrester, this is known as an inside-out approach – and it’s so common, they published a book around the topic.

The reality is, according to Forrester, “you must manage your business from the outside in — bringing the perspective of your customers to every decision you make.” 

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Mary said that means sales and marketing leaders (and he resources they share) need to be more knowledgeable than ever before. They need to understand the customers’ business needs and they need to add value and insight at every interaction point.

“Today’s B2B buyer want to engage with a variety of digital and human assets across a non-linear journey,” she said.

And the payoff is worth it.

"Our research shows that 74% of buyers will actually purchase from the first salesperson that adds value," Mary said. “That’s actually excellent news for organizations that are willing to invest in upscaling their sales resources– and enabling them to be more consultative with every interaction they have with prospects and customers.”

Mary Shea answers more of your top sales enablement questions here:

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