Forrester: What Sales Readiness Strategies Matter Most for B2B Sellers? [Video]

August 17, 2016 | Molly Buccini
Forrester: What Sales Readiness Strategies Matter Most for B2B Sellers? [Video]

“Executive buyers are largely uninspired by the interactions they have with sellers,” says Mary Shea, principal analyst with Forrester Research, in the video above. “And that means if they have a poor experience with a seller, they’ll simply move on to the next.”

The key to amping up your sales force to engage effectively with today’s buyer, Mary explains, is a modern enablement program that has training and rep readiness core to its strategy. This includes:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Continuous training
  3. Reinforcement
  4. Coaching

Sales onboarding and training

In sales, onboarding efficiently can be the difference between revenue gained and revenue lost. Your head of sales and your CFO are relying on it being effective.

Right now, average ramp up times can range anywhere from 7 months to upwards of a year. And research shows top execs say “cutting the time it takes for new reps to close their first deals” is the number one challenge holding their sales organizations back.

“Imagine if you could take months off of [onboarding] – and the impact is very significant – both from an attainment to quota standpoint and cost of sale,” says Mary.

Sales onboarding resources:

Reinforcement and coaching

Sales managers need to provide recurring coaching that will ensure messages are delivered consistently (and effectively) across the entire sales force. This should start on Day 1 of employment, and run through a rep’s entire tenure.

“Most sales organizations don’t’ do coaching at all – and part of that is because they’re not enabling their managers to do so, their managers don’t have time, or they don’t know how to do it,” Mary explains.

Reps and managers need a platform to support on ongoing cycle of coaching and feedback. Today’s criteria for a coaching solution needs to be one where:

  1. Reps can learn from manages and peers
  2. Reps have access whenever and wherever they want
  3. Reps find it fun and easy-to-use

Coaching resources:

Mary Shea answers more of your top sales enablement questions here:

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