Brainshark Recognized as a Strong Performer in Forrester Wave for Sales Enablement Automation

Brainshark Recognized as a Strong Performer in Forrester Wave for Sales Enablement Automation
December 6, 2016

Brainshark Recognized as a Strong Performer in Forrester Waves for Sales Enablement

At Brainshark, it’s our goal to help every customer get better results from their sales enablement efforts. That’s why we’re excited and proud that Brainshark has been named a strong performer in the inaugural Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation, Q4 2016 report.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a bifurcation of the sales enablement market, with many vendors falling into one of two main categories:

  • Sales readiness (onboarding, training, coaching, and content authoring)
  • Sales content management (asset management, buyer engagement, etc.)

Forrester has recognized a similar split, citing software categories for both Sales Development Platforms (SDP) and Sales Enablement Automation (SEA) in a recent TechRadar report, with the latter category most closely aligned with sales content management capabilities. Forrester defines SEA specifically as “a software category with a set of content administration and reporting functions that support Forrester’s sales enablement execution goals through content management, prescriptive recommendations, engagement analytics, usage reporting, and a seller-oriented user experience.”

While our company focus at Brainshark is primarily on the sales readiness and development side of sales enablement, we’re excited to be included as one of the 9 vendors evaluated for Sales Enablement Automation in this most recent Forrester Wave. We believe our rating as a Strong Performer in the SEA category further validates Brainshark’s position as a leader in the sales enablement technology space, where sales readiness and content management play integral parts in driving sales effectiveness and improving outcomes.

Brainshark and the Forrester SEA Wave

The Forrester Sales Enablement Automation Wave report evaluates vendors primarily on their ability to customize and recommend content, engage with buyers, report on buyer interactions and integrate with email, marketing and CRM systems. Forrester also evaluated vendors based on corporate strategy and vision, product roadmap, pricing and customer base. This information was gathered through careful data analysis, analysts’ experience, surveys, product demos and reference calls.

At Brainshark, we (like many others) believe sales enablement is about more than recommending sales content; it’s about preparing salespeople with the training, coaching and resources to make the most of every buyer conversation.

The report notes that Brainshark technology “reinforces the ability to coach sellers and report on how content and seller activity is affecting sales cycles.” Brainshark helps organizations improve sales readiness from Day 1 – from new hire onboarding to continuous learning, sales coaching and validation of training.

Recognized as “a reliable partner for sales enablement needs,” Brainshark helps salespeople engage with today’s more educated buyers, who don’t have time for salespeople who serve as intermediaries. Instead, Brainshark helps salespeople become the trusted advisors that buyers want and need.

We’re pleased to be included in this important report, and honored to continue helping our customers achieve sales mastery and outsell their competition.

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