Salesforce AppMavericks Interview: 3 Takeaways from Brainshark CEO Greg Flynn

Salesforce AppMavericks Interview: 3 Takeaways from Brainshark CEO Greg Flynn
July 22, 2016

No matter the size or industry, all companies struggle with the best ways to get employees trained while continuing to grow sales each quarter. Since 87% of training content is forgotten within 30 days, according to a Corporate Executive Board study, the stakes are even higher for sales organizations. Technology can fill some of the gaps for sales, but companies often lack a platform that supports broader sales enablement and organizational goals.

In a recent interview on Salesforce’s web show, AppMavericks, Brainshark CEO and co-founder, Greg Flynn, discussed how Brainshark is innovating in the sales enablement market with a platform that helps companies with training, coaching, and buyer engagement (below).

Here are three takeaways from the conversation, led by Salesforce MVP, Shell Black.

1. Training, coaching and engagement must all work together

Executive buyers say 81% of sales calls are a waste of time, according to a report from Forrester Research. If reps don’t conduct productive sales calls, they’ll end up missing their quotas. Flynn described how a full-circle approach to sales readiness, including training, coaching and engagement, mitigates this problem.

Between the time a rep starts at a new company to their first closed deal, onboarding, training, just-in-time learning and reinforcement must take place – and it doesn’t stop once the rep hits their number. All of these pieces must work together and be tested, said Flynn.

“Sales training is unique: I not only want to know that you’ve completed it, but I need to prove that you can actually repeat the words when you’re in a three-foot conversation with your buyer.”

2. Technology should work the way reps want to work

Sales reps shouldn’t spend a lot of time looking for sales content and navigating through software – unfortunately, this is a common problem for B2B sales teams.  Sales enablement technology should be a seamless part of the rep’s day-to-day, integrated into their work, and helping them get closer to their goals.

For example, many reps use Salesforce as their central hub. With Brainshark, they can stay working within Salesforce to access their training material, filter content based on the opportunities they’re working on, and gain access to coaching challenges for continuous reinforcement.

Flynn said having a birds-eye view of how training, coaching and engagement work together is crucial for managers and the success of the business. “[Brainshark dashboards in Salesforce] show which reps are most prepared and which content is influencing the most deals – and they provide managers with data they need to better coach reps to success.”

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3. Sales organizations that don’t invest in technology will be left behind

Sales enablement solutions don’t just support sales productivity. The most innovative technologies improve business outcomes and support organizational transformations. As an example, Flynn shared the story of Brainshark customer Veritiv.

When Xpedx and Unisource merged to become $8 billion Veritiv, its 1,800 sales reps needed onboarding, sales training and easy access to the right content. With Brainshark, the newly formed company was able to organize all their sales content, categorize it for easy access in Salesforce, and refresh onboarding, product training and content.

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Veritiv now has 400 pieces of content for reps in Salesforce and, in just two months, they had $2.6 million in potential opportunities won – all attributed back to material sent from Salesforce.

To see how Brainshark integrates with Salesforce to drive sales productivity, view a demo.