How to Put a Dollar Value on Your Sales Content

How to Put a Dollar Value on Your Sales Content
June 8, 2016

Think about the last big content asset you created. Maybe it was a whitepaper or an eBook.

For digital marketers, it’s become a requirement to be able to explain how well that content performed. You probably start out by sharing how much traffic the asset pulled in and where that traffic came from. Hopefully, you can easily tell how many leads it generated. 

What if I asked you how much sales revenue that specific asset drove? That’s likely where you’ll get stumped. Tracking how your sales team shares content and which assets help move the needle is easier said than done.

Understanding which assets help generate revenue should be a primary goal of your content marketing efforts. Bring in new leads, turn them into sales opportunities, close the deal and bring money to your business – it’s the ultimate marketing and sales relationship achievement.

With the right content and sales analytics tools, you have the potential to unleash a whole new world of marketing ROI.

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4 Questions Marketers Need to Ask to Prove ROI

Today’s B2B salespeople use a variety of marketing content – thought leadership pieces, videos, infographics, datasheets, live presentations – anything to support their efforts and advance the prospect through the sales cycle. To begin understanding the value of your content, you’ll need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Which content are salespeople using? Is it up-to-date? On message? Aligned with the brand?
  • Which are salespeople not using? Is there new, approved content just sitting on the shelf? Is this content valuable?
  • When is content being used? Are certain assets shared and presented regularly at different stages of the selling cycle?
  • Which assets are helping to drive revenue, and which are not? Which deals have closed, and how has content contributed to those results?

Marketers don’t always know these answers, which makes tracking the true value of sales content next to impossible.

Introducing the New Marketing ROI

In our new whitepaper, The New Marketing ROI: Content Analytics Meets Sales Enablement we consider how companies are using sales enablement technology to better understand content performance – and bottom-line value.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • 2 must-haves for highly effective sales content strategies
  • How top-performing companies consider sales enablement
  • 3 key areas where sales enablement technology can track content’s impact

Download your free copy to learn how marketing and sales alignment results in more deals closed, and ultimately, more business success.