Veritiv: Driving Sales Effectiveness Post-Merger – #SDSummit 2016

Veritiv: Driving Sales Effectiveness Post-Merger – #SDSummit 2016
May 31, 2016

Merging together two large companies with major legacies is not an easy task. But what comes after has its own unique challenges as well – especially for those responsible for sales enablement.

A prime example was presented at SiriusDecisions Summit 2016 last week, when Tonya Schultz, director of sales enablement at Atlanta-based Veritiv, shared the challenges of molding two giant sales teams into one following a major merger.

A big merger, and bigger sales enablement challenges

Veritiv – a North American leader in B2B distribution solutions – was formed in 2014, when International Paper Company’s xpedx business merged with Unisource Worldwide. The combined $8.7 billion company now has approximately 8,800 employees across 180 locations – and about 1,800 salespeople to serve.

Moving this large team to a whole new selling structure was one challenge, but Schultz was also tasked with onboarding reps to Salesforce and making sense of the mountain of sales content coming from a variety of places.

“There were six different teams rolling to six different leaders with five different SVPs. All of them were posting things differently and had marketing materials in different places,” she said. “The environment ended up having all of this disparity around content creation. If I’m a sales rep in the field trying to figure out how to sell, I don’t even know where to start.”

The search for the right technology solution

In order to establish that the sales enablement department owned all sales processes, content and training, Schultz sought a technology to help make all of that run efficiently, without further disruption to the sales team.

Salesforce integration was rule number one for Schultz as she began to evaluate solutions. She also knew she needed multimedia capabilities and an easy-to-use tool that reps would be open to. When she found the Brainshark Sales Accelerator, she was able to get all of those capabilities, plus rich content analytics and the functionality of learning management system all from the same platform.

“With Sales Accelerator, reps get a silver platter with the three pieces of material [testimonial, whitepaper, and product presentation] they need to complete that sales conversation,” she said. “There was nothing to teach them about how to use it or leverage it; it only took a few clicks of a button.”

Now Veritiv sales reps exclusively use Brainshark for onboarding, product training, sales content and more. Veritiv has made more than 400 pieces of content available to reps through Salesforce and has been able to give back valuable time in their busy schedules.

“Most of the time in Sales Accelerator, reps are seeing less than 10 pieces of material in one opportunity. Before they were looking in 10 different places for that one piece of content they needed,” Schultz explained.

Since going live in February, Brainshark has already played an important role in driving sales productivity at Veritiv.

“We’ve seen significant potential revenue over the last few months, and of the opportunities that were closed, we were able to see that there was Sales Accelerator activity attached to them.”

For more on how Veritiv uses Brainshark to drive sales productivity, view this short video:

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