28 Inspirational Sales Quotes from Anthony Iannarino’s “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need”

November 22, 2016 | PJ Carter
28 Inspirational Sales Quotes from Anthony Iannarino’s “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need”

Anthony Iannarino is a doer, a person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking - and that's an attitude we appreciate here at Brainshark. 

That mentality permeates from his new book The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need. For Anthony, it’s not enough to simply provide tips, tricks and advice. Frankly, I think he would tell you it’s useless unless you have a plan to use that newfound knowledge and perspective and translate it into ACTION.

Anthony was recently featured in a sales webinar with Brainshark’s Senior Director of Sales Readiness Consulting Mike Kunkle. Watch the on-demand version here.

Before I even read the first word of the first chapter, Mike Weinberg writes in the foreword, “If you were hoping for a quick fix, I apologize; this isn’t the book for you.

This was music to my ears. We’ve all sat through trainings, some inspirational and most not, and a few days later, we are back to our old habits. The inspiration is gone and the advice is securely stored in a notebook on the shelf while our actions remain surprisingly stagnant. Sound familiar?

Anthony takes a different approach: sharing wisdom followed by immediate activities to truly elevate your sales activities. Combining learning with practice is an incredibly effective combination, supported by research from the Centre for Management and Organizational Effectiveness — “Training plus coaching led to an increase of 88% in productivity, versus 23% from training alone.”

Here is a compilation of some of my favorite quotes from the book:

What is the secret to being a successful salesperson? It’s your ability to manage yourself, to exert self-discipline, spells the difference between success and failure in sales.

It takes a well-coordinated, long-term plan to get a dream client to even meet with you.

Create a discipline list: a list of things you do forever because attending to them is continually necessary to produce the results you desire.

Do the worst things first: when faced with unpleasant or difficult tasks, attend to them first thing in the morning while you’re still fresh and before the world starts distracting you with its demands.

4 beliefs to sell successfully:

  1. I make a difference
  2. I will succeed
  3. People will help me
  4. Things will go wrong yet still work out in the end

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm" - Winston Churchill

Charlie Green's formula: Trust = (Credibility x Reliability x Intimacy) / Self-Orientation

Move mountains to help others.

Three elements of caring:

  1. Empathy - put yourself in their shoes
  2. Intimacy - deep understanding of needs formed through knowledge and experience of another
  3. Presence - Being present proves that you care

Sales effectiveness is inversely proportional to the intensity of your focus on your own results. The more you focus on your commission, the less likely you are to achieve your goals.

5 ways to turn caring into a competitive advantage

  1. Be a student of people
  2. Imagine yourself in the customer's position
  3. Listen to and accept the customer’s interpretation
  4. Make caring an action
  5. Remember the little things

If you know everything already, you can't learn anything

While you're waiting for things to happen, your dream clients are waiting for action from some caring, resourceful, value creator.

The difference between being persistent and a nuisance lies in the content of your communication. If every communication is an obvious attempt to sell the customer, you quickly become a nuisance. If every communication includes value-producing information, you will be seen as persistent in a good way.

Good questions are more powerful than great statements.

Rule of thumb: In the early stages of the sales cycle, any statements that you make about yourself, your product or solution should be responses to the client's questions only.

Three elements of effective communication:

  1. Curiosity: sincere desire to know
  2. Interest: interest comes from caring
  3. Candor: customers want a rep they can trust - be transparent

The sooner you realize that your team needs assistance, the easier it is to prevent a small challenge from growing into a results-killing monster.

Ensure your clients know when things are going right.

Influence is created from four basic elements:

  1. Character: inner strength on which trust is built
  2. Congruence: you are who you appear to be, alignment with your character
  3. Confidence: ability to create value
  4. Likeability: people trust and buy you because they like you

To get commitments from your prospects, you must earn the right to ask for them.

To learn more about Anthony’s book The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, visit The Sales Blog.

Anthony Iannarino was recently featured in a sales webinar with Brainshark’s Senior Director of Sales Readiness Consulting Mike Kunkle. Watch the on-demand version here.

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