Make the Most of Formal and Informal Learning: 5 New Features from Brainshark

Make the Most of Formal and Informal Learning: 5 New Features from Brainshark
November 4, 2016

As companies grow, we know it’s critical to not only ramp up sales reps and channel partners quickly, but also to keep them up-to-date and in-the-know. Yet, according to research from McKinsey, 75% of training programs fail to contribute to the success of business. Companies continuously struggle to deploy content in a way that’s simple for sales teams to access, leverage the knowledge of their subject matter experts and effectively measure the impact of onboarding and training programs.

To establish a successful training program, companies need a quick and effective way to onboard new sales reps and channel partners. Reps need a way to stay up-to-speed with easy access to just-in-time learning that doesn’t cut into their selling time, and stay engaged with rich media content so they retain more information and become more successful sellers. And sales leaders need the data and feedback to know how training programs are resonating, so they can make the right training investments.

With the new features just released from Brainshark, sales organizations have the opportunity to create a constructive feedback loop between learners and learning managers, gain more visibility to the impact of training on the learner, and access to diverse content creation options to cover a wide range of training and coaching scenarios.

Here are five new ways to make the most of formal and informal learning with Brainshark:

Course Ratings and Comments

Learners can now provide feedback to course authors by rating and adding comments to any course they have completed, creating a valuable feedback loop that increases the quality of training content. Learners can also take review feedback and advice from peers who have already completed a course.

Audio Generator Upgrade (Text-to-Speech)

Brainshark's upgraded audio generator, which allows content authors and subject matter experts to quickly create rich-media training content by adding computer-generated audio narration to slides, has been upgraded to offer more lifelike voices an expanded list of voice types.

Report Enhancements

New fields such as active authors and course URLs make it easier for sales organizations to track the success of their training programs.

WebM Video Format

Adding to Brianshark’s comprehensive list of supported file formats, WebM is another popular video format that is generated by Join.Me and other screen recording tools. This enhancement supports more training and coaching use cases (for example, recording demos as a coaching challenge or training content).

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And coming soon…

Record from a Webcam

Content authors will be able record a video with their webcam, all without leaving the Brainshark portal. No need to separately record and upload the file.

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