Onboarding New Sales Employees? 7 Stats You Need to See

November 08, 2016 | Molly Buccini
Onboarding New Sales Employees? 7 Stats You Need to See

Want a more productive sales force? Everyone does – and successful onboarding is the first step.

The problem is, many sales onboarding strategies aren’t as effective as they should be. Just look at the numbers:  

Which is ironic, because research shows ramp up times are actually becoming longer.

One issue is that many companies don’t have a clear definition of what “fully onboarded” or “fully ramped up” means.

One approach to determining and ultimately accelerating your current ramp up time is to:

  1. Start with historical data to determine how long it’s taken an average sales rep to fully ramp up.
  2. Establish benchmarks, and then determine exactly what a sales rep needs to know in order to achieve each specific onboarding milestone.

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When reps participate in onboarding programs but don’t retain what they’ve learned, it’s time to assess your training methodology.

Here are a few resources to help you determine how your training could be better:

This is critical because, as Ray Makela, managing director of the Sales Readiness Group says, “sales reps are a revenue stream. Just like a new product being put to market, there is a return on investment that needs to be associated with every new member of your sales force.”

That’s one reason why more companies today are investing in sales enablement technology, with “fast, effective onboarding” as a top value for B2Bs, according to research from Forbes Insights.

Here’s how sales enablement technology can help with onboarding:

  1. Quick creation of rich, engaging training content that’s easy for anyone – not just instructional designers – to put together.  
  2. Formal on-demand learning environments where new reps can review mandatory courses and curriculums.
  3. Simple access to training resources at any time, on any device – even right within your CRM.
  4. Coaching and reinforcement capabilities so managers can initiate challenges to ensure new hires can demonstrate proficiency in what they’ve been trained on.

So what are you doing about YOUR sales onboarding strategy?

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