Brainshark and Highspot Strategic Partnership: What It All Means [Q&A]

Brainshark and Highspot Strategic Partnership: What It All Means [Q&A]
October 26, 2016

It’s an exciting day for the sales enablement world! Today, Brainshark and Highspot – two leaders in the sales enablement technology space – have officially announced a strategic partnership designed to provide organizations with the most complete offering on the market.

This partnership will combine Brainshark’s best-of-breed solutions for content creation, sales training and coaching, with Highspot’s advanced, innovative products for content management, customer engagement and performance analytics. Together, these two platforms will provide sales organizations with fully integrated access to the training, coaching and content reps need to improve sales readiness and performance.

Naturally, an announcement like this is bound to raise a few questions – and we’re here to answer them. In this short presentation, Brainshark CEO Greg Flynn and Highspot CEO Robert Wahbe discuss the reasons behind the partnership, and what it means for both buyers of sales enablement technology and current customers of both Brainshark and Highspot. You can view the presentation here, or read the transcript below.

Why have Brainshark and Highspot entered into this strategic partnership?

ROBERT WAHBE: Brainshark and Highspot have a shared vision for empowering modern sales teams. At the heart of that vision is bringing together – in one seamless experience – all the content, training and coaching needed to ensure that sales reps are ready to have the most effective conversation at every stage of the buyer’s journey. With the Brainshark and Highspot partnership, customers now have, for the first time in the industry, a complete sales enablement solution to make this vision a reality.

GREG FLYNN: The best partnerships are the ones that are created – demanded – by the needs of the market and customers. Time and time again, we see two critical problems that sales enablement leaders are responsible for solving: optimizing their sales talent and better managing the ocean of sales content reps have at their disposal. This partnership with Highspot is a way of providing today’s sales enablement teams with a unique solution that solves these problems and more.

What does this partnership mean for buyers of sales enablement technology?

GF: In survey after survey, we see that sales enablement teams have two top-level priorities: accelerating the training and onboarding process and leveraging sales content. Historically, this has meant deploying two disjoint platforms, with all the associated complexity and cost of two separate systems. With this announcement, sales enablement teams have a much better answer.

RW: I agree. In addition to reducing complexity and cost, bringing together Brainshark and Highspot will enable truly unique capabilities.

Let me give you just two examples. First, Brainshark training can be delivered directly in the context of the content that reps are finding, customizing and sharing with prospects. You simply can’t do that if you have two disjoint platforms. Second, to identify best practices, you need a holistic view of both the training and the content that a sales rep is using. Only an integrated solution like Brainshark and Highspot can deliver that holistic view. These are two examples; I could list off 10 more.

What does this partnership mean for current Brainshark and Highspot customers?

RW: Highspot customers will be excited to know that Brainshark training will soon be available directly from within the Highspot platform, enabling sales reps to easily find the most relevant and effective information across all types of content. Highspot’s advanced features for connecting reps to content – including searching, browsing, filtering, guided selling and recommendations – will all fully support Brainshark content. As sales reps interact with content, appropriate in-context Brainshark training and coaching will also be made available.

GF: For Brainshark customers that are using Brainshark with external audiences, they will be able to extend the capabilities that Brainshark has to easily share content. By using Brainshark and Highspot together, our customers will have the ability to rapidly create rich content in Brainshark, and use Highspot’s advanced sales content management and delivery capabilities to reach their own customers and prospects with the most relevant content.

For more information on the Brainshark-Highspot strategic partnership, read the full press release. 

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