How to Integrate Your Sales Enablement Tech Stack (With Brainshark!)

October 04, 2016 | Ann Lambert
How to Integrate Your Sales Enablement Tech Stack (With Brainshark!)

Introducing: The Brainshark Integration Engine

Do your sales and marketing teams use Salesforce? How about Kapost? What about Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, MS Dynamics, Marketo, Eloqua, Workday, Peoplesoft, Ultipro, Birst, Tableau, Hubspot, Oracle, SAP, Saba, or Jive?

It’s likely your organization uses one or more of these applications as a part of your sales enablement tech stack. It’s also likely you are keenly aware of the struggle that comes along with having multiple siloed systems with no streamlined way to connect your organization’s content and data. Luckily, if you have Brainshark, that problem can now be solved.

Introducing: The Brainshark Integration Engine

The Brainshark Integration Engine, a powerful and flexible extension of the Brainshark platform, allows you to integrate with countless other applications within your sales enablement ecosystem, including your content management systems, CRM, learning management system, marketing automation platform, business intelligence software and more.

Even better, it is standards-based and secure, reducing the man-hours and cost it typically takes to get integrations up and running. After the initial integration, new data introduced to any of your systems will continuously sync without any manual inputs.

The result? Sales enablement professionals and all of the supporting functional groups can use their existing workflows and applications, while leveraging Brainshark to maximize content, training, coaching, and buyer engagement.

Here’s what GE Digital has to say about Brainshark’s Integration Engine:

“At GE Digital, like so many other marketing operations groups, we have a lot of technology platforms and applications…with the new Brainshark Integration Engine, the content and data from these previously siloed systems will be able to work together in a more holistic, standards-based way.”

To learn more about how you can integrate and enhance the overall value of your sales enablement ecosystem, check out our integrations page and read the full press release.

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