Forrester: How Can B2B Sales Leaders Engage with Millennials? [Video]

September 06, 2016 | Molly Buccini
Forrester: How Can B2B Sales Leaders Engage with Millennials? [Video]

Millennials, those born between the early 1980s and late 90s, are different from previous generations of workforces, in that:

  • Their average tenure at a job is two years, according to a Forbes report. In comparison, Gen X employees are likely to stay at a job for an average of five years, and Baby Boomers an average of seven.
  • Millennials are more keen on corporate learning than their predecessors. According to a survey from PwC, 35% of respondents said excellent training and development programs are what make an organization an attractive employer.

When this comes to a sales organization, Forrester Principal Analyst Mary Shea explains in the video above that Millennials aren’t going to tolerate the old ways of doing things. That, of course, includes training and traditional learning tools.

“The average B2B sales rep is forty years old and likely reaching their final few cycles as a sales rep,” Mary says. “So there’s a super interesting dynamic going on. You have this influx of Millennials combined with an aging B2B sales force.”

What do Millennials want? Video and mobile accessibility

Where training is concerned, Mary says Millennials don’t “want to sit in a room and be trained.” Instead, they prefer video-based mobile platforms so they can learn wherever, whenever and however they want. They want training on their own terms.

“Salespeople are mobile. They’re doing things in the car of a coffee shop. Sales resources should be readily available to them, and access to those resources can now be enabled with technology,” Nicholas Lihou, Head of Global Sales Enablement, Xerox

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How to recruit, retain and inspire your Millennial sales force

To create an office culture that attracts Millennials, pick tools and training that resonate. Millennials report that video is their preferred method for finding out about new products and services.

“This tells us that both buyers and sellers are changing,” Mary says. “Go-to-market organizations that want to remain relevant in this new environment must evolve their sales enablement strategies. Technology is a great equalizer.”

Mary Shea answers more of your top sales enablement questions here:

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