8 Sales Enablement Sessions to Attend at Dreamforce ‘16

8 Sales Enablement Sessions to Attend at Dreamforce ‘16
September 19, 2016

8 Sales Enablement Sessions to Attend at Dreamforce ‘16

Dreamforce 2016 in San Francisco. Four days. 3000+ sessions.

Saying you need to budget your time wisely for the Super Bowl of the CRM sphere is an understatement. Even if you pick a track that interests you, like sales enablement, you still have about 260 sessions to choose from!  

That said, we’ve narrowed it down to 8 sessions worth checking out for anyone who’s interested in sales enablement and productivity below. Here they are:

The Power of Data in Sales & Marketing Alignment

If you’re looking for insights to improve sales productivity and performance, this session promises to cover the importance of aligning sales and marketing through analytics.

Call Your Shot: Predicting Sales Performance through Coaching

Sales coaching is a top priority for enablement leaders – and this session will feature real-life examples of how B2B organizations are coaching their reps to success with the help of Salesforce.

Open More Doors to Close More Sales

This session looks at the different ways sales teams can engage their prospects, with tactics to make the most of the leads being passed through to them from marketing.

Smarter and Faster: How Advanced Analytics Empowers Sales Leaders

In this session, attendees can expect to walk away with an answer to the question: how can sales teams use data to become proactive instead of reactive?

Creating a B2B Marketing and Sales Dream Team

For those who like digging into real-life examples, this panel session will feature stories from B2B professionals about how they’ve aligned their marketing and sales goals.

Accelerate Your Channel Strategy

If you’re considering enlisting channel partners to help grow your business, this session is set to provide an introductory look at how selling with partners can turn into more profits.   

Drive the Right Behavior Through Effective Management and Coaching Practices

This beginner level session is an opportunity to get a high-level look at how managers can incorporate coaching into individual and team meetings.

Successful Employee Onboarding: Blazing New Trails

Fast, effective onboarding is one of the top challenges holding back today’s sales organizations. This session draws from the experiences of Salesforce employees, where more than 4,000 new hires are onboarded each year. 

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