Sales Enablement Job Description: 10 Critical Skills to Include

August 21, 2017 | Lauren Shepherd
Sales Enablement Job Description: 10 Critical Skills to Include

Today, it seems like sales enablement is the buzzword at the tip of everyone’s tongue. But if you asked a sales rep what a sales enablement leader was five years ago, would they have the slightest clue? The truth is that sales enablement is still a fairly new business function. In fact, it’s so new that there are still several ideas of what a sales enablement job description should look like. 

Few positions are more critical to the success of your sales organization than your sales enablement team, which means you need to make sure you have the perfect fit to fill those important shoes. When crafting a sales enablement job description, include these 10 critical skills and traits.

1. Empathetic

Effective sales enablement professionals can put themselves in sales reps’ shoes and understand every aspect of their day-to-day life. This includes every stage of the sales cycle, buyer personas, as well as the tools sales reps use on a daily basis.

2. Strong Communicator

Sales enablement leaders not only have to be effective communicators within the sales organization, but across various departments within the company. Any changes within the organization, product offerings, or sales content needs to be clearly communicated to all sales reps.

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3. Agile

This role is responsible for contributing to sales and marketing alignment, and as messaging or methodologies change, sales enablement professionals must be able to pivot on a dime. For example, if there’s a major change that will affect a rep’s pitch, such as a merger or acquisition, sales enablement is in charge of ensuring all sales reps have adjusted their messaging and approach to be consistent with the changes.

4. Influential Without Being Authoritative

Be sure your sales enablement job description outlines the need for a strong leader. This person needs to command respect, while being persuasive and influential without coming off as authoritative. Sales reps may not always want to complete their training because it takes away from their selling time. This role is responsible for ensuring every sales rep completes their training so they can be prepared for every buyer interaction.

5. Data-Driven

To accurately measure the effectiveness of their sales training programs, sales enablement professionals should be able to sift through a large amount of data and narrow it down to the most important trends. A good fit for the job should be able to use their findings to improve sales processes to reach their specific goals.

6. Skilled at Prioritization

Sales enablement professionals have an important job to do and always have a lot on their plate. But they must be able to prioritize their efforts effectively based on the activities that will receive the greatest return for the organization and increase sales productivity.

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7. Continuous Learner

To help sales reps keep up with organizational changes, sales enablement needs to fully understand the messaging themselves. Sales enablement professionals need to maintain a close relationship with product marketing to ensure they have the messaging down pat.

8. Visionary

Someone in this role must be able to look ahead and diagnose potential issues before they arise. They must always be looking for new ways to innovate and help their teams become more productive. This could include new tools and technology, or new methodologies.

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9. Thick Skinned

Not everything will always go as planned, and let’s face it, someone in this important role is bound to get a bit of criticism. A successful sales enablement professional will be able to shake it off and quickly get back on their feet.

10. Creative

This may not have been the first quality you think of when writing a sales enablement job description, but creativity is critical to success in this role. It’s up to sales enablement to ensure that sales training content is engaging enough to truly stick. Just ask this sales enablement leader that used hip-hop music videos to increase sales content views by 85%.

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