Sales Readiness and Growth: Entering New Markets

January 05, 2017 | Molly Buccini
Sales Readiness and Growth: Entering New Markets

If you’re entering a new market in 2017, you’ve got a lot to think about. On top of assessing new competitors, new vernaculars, new cultures and new decision-making processes (to name a few) – you need your sales team to be ready to have meaningful interactions with a brand new audience.

Sales enablement leaders – you have work to do.

Market penetration is one of the most common ways companies choose to grow, but sales reps don’t always get the full arena of training they need to succeed in a new space. In fact, CSO Insights reports that 50.5% of salespeople say their training around customer marketplaces needs improvement, and 20.4% say their training needs a complete overhaul.

In the video below, Brainshark's SVP of Strategic Partnerships Jim Ninivaggi outlines how sales readiness and enablement leaders should approach strategies that introduce new markets to their sales teams:


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