Brainshark, Outlook and Salesforce Unite

March 08, 2017 | Kellie Regan
Brainshark, Outlook and Salesforce Unite

So much of sales readiness depends on your sales team having the right knowledge, the right skills, and even the right content at the right time. We’ve all seen the studies, including one by Forbes Insights that shows instant access to content in the field (41%) and sales content analytics (44%) are a critical part of enabling sales teams.

Last summer, we announced a new integration between Brainshark and Outlook designed to provide instant access directly from the email client. Today we introduce an update to this integration that makes it even easier for reps working in Salesforce to find the right content and to leverage content analytics for better results.

Reps can search, preview, and insert recommended Brainshark content straight from their email, then track viewership through Salesforce records to gauge audience interest. This latest update to Brainshark for Outlook gives reps the power to:

  • Quickly access relevant content in the context of the sales cycle and filter by industry, persona and more
  • Send recommended content based on Salesforce record attributes of the intended email recipient
  • Sync viewership details to Salesforce records for seamless activity tracking

Activity syncing through Salesforce provides valuable insights into which content is resonating with buyers, when to follow-up with customers for maximum impact, and the ability to tie content to revenue.

Brainshark for Outlook isn’t limited to Salesforce customers or even for sending content to buyers. The quick access to Brainshark portal filters makes it easy for anyone to find the right Brainshark content to prepare their sales teams. This means trainers can distribute their new training presentations, reps can share critical just-in-time training with their peers, and marketing teams can share new assets with sales teams - all without leaving their email client.  

Download Brainshark for Outlook (for free!) today.

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