30 Ways Video Coaching Can Improve Your Sales Training

30 Ways Video Coaching Can Improve Your Sales Training
August 28, 2018

With the rise of sales enablement, more companies are wisely trying to improve their sales training, onboarding and coaching strategies. Yet many overlook one of the simplest, most powerful tools available today: video coaching.

Leading research firms have found that video is not only a preferred and highly-effective learning format for most professionals, but that it also improves sales training results. Consider the following:

  • Sales teams that reinforce training with video learning see 34% more first-year reps hitting quota. (Aberdeen Group)
  • 75% of employees are more likely to check out video lessons than read a document, email or web article. (Forrester Research)
  • Video is “well-suited to refining the human element of [B2B] selling,” writes SiriusDecisions’ Peter Ostrow, who adds that younger generations are especially engaged with rich media such as video. This includes millennials, who will make up 75% of the U.S. workforce by 2025.

Video coaching also carries key benefits: it helps every rep become more prepared, knowledgeable and confident by simulating real sales situations – without “practicing” on buyers. The challenge is earning buy-in from your reps up front. Luckily, informal coaching activities are an exceptionally useful way to get sellers on board with constructive video coaching feedback.

What is an Informal Video Coaching Activity?

Salespeople are asked to answer a question using the video coaching platform. But instead of submitting recordings to be review and scored, reps simply upload their responses to the content portal for other team members to view.

By doing this, you can:

  1. Easily turn top submissions into formal sales training content.
  2. Gain buy-in from sales reps and establish a learning culture in your organization by introducing video coaching in a low-pressure setting.
  3. Provide sellers with practical peer learning opportunities that show less experienced reps what “good” looks like – be that an elevator pitch, objection response or cold outreach.

At Brainshark, for example, we recently asked members of our sales team to share their best piece of sales advice through our video coaching platform and then upload it to our content library. Doing this gave our reps on-demand access to a catalogue of useful sales tips.

To help you apply video coaching to your own sales training needs, we’ve compiled a list of 30-plus informal coaching activities that you can launch right away. Check out 3 handy use-cases below.

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1. What are your best tips and tactics for moving a stalled deal forward?

Easily one of the most frustrating aspects of selling in general, your more seasoned sales reps likely have a wealth of knowledge to share here.

2. What is one time-saving “hack” you use to increase your productivity?

This can be as simple as highlighting a trick someone uses to make pipeline report submissions easier. Or perhaps one of your top-performing reps uses a productivity or organizational tool that their peers could benefit from using. Even one useful tip could boost productivity across the sales force.

3. What was a sales error you made early in your career, and what did you do to correct it moving forward?

Asking a question like this helps prevent sales reps from making the same errors as their peers. Chances are their past mistakes were common missteps, as well. Doing this can also give junior sellers a little extra confidence, knowing that a superstar peer was once just like them – learning, growing, and occasionally stumbling.

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