The 4 Pillars of Sales Readiness: Continuous [Part 2 of 4]

August 14, 2018 | Alec Shirkey
The 4 Pillars of Sales Readiness: Continuous [Part 2 of 4]

Continuous learning has never been more important for sales teams.

Today’s sellers must stay on top of the latest product releases, competitive intelligence, and customer market changes to remain prepared and knowledgeable. And companies that prioritize continuous learning benefit, with ATD reporting that steady investment in training and reinforcement results in 50% higher net sales per employee.

That’s precisely why rep training should continue well after the sales onboarding program is completed. Continuous learning is all about regularly expanding one’s skills and knowledge in response to shifting business environments, and for sales teams, that means focusing on the continuous readiness of the field force.

Continuous readiness is ensuring every field force member is up-to-date and ready with the latest information, with the goal of keeping sales reps “ever ready” to maximize every buyer interaction. 

In the video above, Brainshark’s Chief Readiness Officer, Jim Ninivaggi, explains how the concept of continuous readiness – one of the 4 pillars of sales readiness – can enhance your sales training strategy and improve overall sales performance.

You can find the rest of our 4-part sales readiness video series below:

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