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I'm seeing a fair amount of presentations on myBrainshark without any voiceover.
It's a pretty typical use case...
As a follow up to a prior feature on United Healthcare's post,
By now we've all heard the adage that "Content is King", but at Brainshark we know that engaging, impactful DELIVERY of content is the true power behind the throne.
Ok. Tooting the Brainshark horn for just a moment rather than our valuable expert community.
We're geared up to deliver a great product release on Saturday November 21.  With new features making it easy to personalize content and manage communication preferences, we're certain you'll find
United Heathcare has authored a comprehensive overview for the general public on the H1N1 Flu, a.k.a.
If you found this blog through a social tool or are following us on Twitter, then you
eed some brush up on using Microsoft Office's Excell 2007? Or better yet, are you first starting to use this software and need some proper level 1 training? Danielles at C.R.
Since myBrainshark has launched, we've seen some intriguing content & fascinating educational topics.  Th
Garth Shaner explains how Brainshark assisted his consultant work by improving training and sales effectiveness.
ot taking advantage of Brainshark's completion criteria?  Why not?!   It's easy to set a minimum bar of how much audio your viewing audience is required to listen to, how many