12 Real-World Use Cases for Sales Readiness Technology

October 22, 2018 | Alec Shirkey
12 Real-World Use Cases for Sales Readiness Technology

Brainshark has evolved into a comprehensive sales readiness technology solution.

As a sales enablement leader, what’s highest on your priority list?

If the latest research is any indicator, enablement professionals care a great deal about providing salespeople with great sales training, coaching and content creation – and with the tools needed to do their jobs effectively.

In other words, they care about sales readiness and, increasingly, sales readiness technology. In fact, 42% of B2B firms have bought or plan to buy a sales readiness tool in 2018, according to Forrester Research.

Why Sales Readiness Technology?

Sales readiness involves any activity that prepares reps to sell. The goal is to continuously equip sellers with the skills and knowledge they need to have meaningful interactions throughout the buyer’s journey.

Many leading companies struggle to do this. Salespeople require a very specialized skillset to connect with today’s demanding buyers, who expect reps to be well-informed consultants. But in reality, many reps are put in front of buyers before they’re truly ready to meet those demands.

This is where Brainshark technology comes into play.

Brainshark is a comprehensive solution for sales readiness and enablement, which equips sales teams with the training, coaching, and content capabilities they need to succeed. Our platform provides leaders and managers with a way to ensure their sellers are prepared to make the most of every interaction. For reps, it enables them to stay on top of the latest information when, where and how they work, so that they’re always ready to sell.

This new eBook outlines 12 real-world sales readiness use cases and how Brainshark can help, including:

  • Accelerating and improving the sales onboarding process
  • Enabling more effective peer-to-peer learning
  • Delivering just-in-time learning to today’s on-the-go sales reps

…and most importantly, helping to answer a simple – but vital – question: are your reps ready?

Brainshark has evolved into a comprehensive sales readiness technology solution.

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