Schools & Non-Profits: Stay Healthy, Use Brainshark for Free

Schools & Non-Profits: Stay Healthy, Use Brainshark for Free
April 2, 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact us all, we recognize that the ability for organizations to share effective, timely and consistent communications is particularly important.  

At Brainshark, we’d like to help.  

Through July 31, 2021, we are inviting any schoolhigher ed institution or non-profit to use our award-winning content authoring solution – free of charge.

Brainshark can be used to create course content to be viewed on-demand, share communications with partners and remote teams, and a lot more.

This exclusive feature set will include: 

  • Our patented content authoring technology: The ability to quickly transform PowerPoints, Google Slides, PDFs, screen recordings, webpages and more into compelling, voice-enriched presentations. 
  • Flexible content sharing: All content is shareable as simple web links, so companies can deliver presentations to audiences via any communication channel – email, chat threads, webpages, and so on. 
  • Dynamic updates: Presentations can be continuously updated as news changes and evolves, so viewers always have the most current information. 
  • Content management: Organizations can centrally manage and organize all their content (including both Brainshark presentations and other resources) from within the Brainshark portal. 

If you think Brainshark can help your organization, simply sign up here to get started.  

To learn more about how our content authoring solution works for remote teams, check out this short document.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.