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It's that time again!  Time to announce yet another upgrade of the Brainshark application for our customers.  I am pleased to report that the June 2010 release of Brainshark is now available on a desk
So how do you reach your channel audience? Brainshark held its quarterly online Channel Communications Exchange last week entitled "Communication Secrets of Channel Leaders".
This special nominee sharkie presentation from Principal Financial is an invite to their holiday party.
This sharkie presentation from Ohio National highlights their Prestige Value II financial service.
This sharkie presentation from Allianz speaks to their insurance instruments.
TD Securities has a portal of weekly reports given via video presentation with the help of Brainshark.
This myBrainshark sharkie presentation from SubTrust HSA outlines some of their HR benefits.
Michelle Follman shares how Brainshark doubled Sogeti's marketing effectiveness.
This sharkie presentation from Grand Circle Travel gives their 2010 corporate update.
This Open Category sharkie is an emotional journey that explores the intricate relationship between a lost dog and the infamous Santa Claus.
This foreign language sharkie winner from Nippon Life Benefits goes over their packages in both Japanese and English.
This sharkie presentation from Ohio National speaks to their insurance packages that cater to all of life's changes.