New! Brainshark’s Mobile Offline Support

New! Brainshark’s Mobile Offline Support
March 24, 2020

Modern sales reps need flexibility in how and where they prepare for their next client meeting – working out of coffee shops, lobbies, and (more likely at the moment) their own home networks. In fact, according to, field sellers spent 89% more of their time working remotely back in 2017 than they did four years earlier.

The challenge is, sometimes internet access can be limited and unreliable – jeopardizing a rep’s ability to retrieve materials on demand.

With Brainshark’s mobile offline support, reps have flexible access to the training and content they need –  regardless of internet connectivity – straight from the Brainshark Mobile App

Let’s look at an example: a rep is preparing for a virtual meeting with a potential customer.  Working remotely where internet connectivity is no guarantee, the rep will need to review trainings on competitive positioning and product updates.  The rep may even need to view demo videos or a slide deck without Wi-Fi or other internet connectivity.   

The Brainshark Mobile App removes these challenges. With Mobile Offline support reps don’t have to rely on internet connection to access to the content and training they need - giving sales managers peace of mind that their reps are armed with the materials to be successful.  

Mobile Offline Support with Brainshark

One of the things people love about Apps like YouTube and Netflix is how easy it is to download their favorite movies or shows for offline viewing. Now, Brainshark customers get the same experience when accessing course or presentation content offline.

Users who scroll through their content or learning tabs, will now see an icon indicating that content can be downloaded within the Brainshark App. Clicking on this icon will initiate a content download, the icon will change to a progress bar that updates in real time. Once content is successfully downloaded to the Mobile App, the icon will change to a green check mark.

Managing downloaded content is easy from the new ‘Downloads’ tab in the navigation. To delete downloaded content simply swipe left and click delete.

Once reconnected to the internet, the Brainshark Mobile App will automatically sync viewing data, course progress and any quiz responses or scores – so sales managers and enablement leaders can keep tabs on team progress and see who has viewed and interacted with what content.

Want to learn more about Brainshark’s Mobile App or offline support capabilities? Contact a sales consultant today.