The B2B Sales Coaching Challenge: How Technology Can Help

The B2B Sales Coaching Challenge: How Technology Can Help
March 30, 2016

Coaching is one of the best ways to drive better sales results, but without the right approach and resources, coaching strategies are hard to execute. Sales managers are aware of the impact that coaching delivers, yet only 15% say they have the right amount of coaching at their organization.

So if managers know that sales coaching is imperative, where’s the disconnect?  

For most managers, it’s not due to lack of effort. In many instances, when there’s a coaching deficit, lack of time is the culprit. In our latest whitepaper, The B2B Sales Coaching Challenge: How Technology Can Help, Mike Kunkle, Brainshark’s senior director of sales enablement, addresses the issue.

“Sales managers have one of the hardest jobs in corporate America today,” says Kunkle. “They often become a dumping ground for tasks – reporting and other ‘CYA’ activities that take up far too much of their valuable time.”

Coaching also presents the challenge that it requires ongoing attention to be effective. Coaching shouldn’t be confused with a one-time training course, in which studies have shown participants typically forget about 87 percent of the information they consume after 30 days.  

In many industries, this type of challenge can be contained without impacting other departments. For sales, however, a lack of coaching is a company-wide issue: Sales reps that don’t receive coaching aren’t just unprepared and inconsistent – they’re also less profitable.

One solution? Integrating technology into your coaching.

The B2B Sales Coaching Challenge: How Technology Can Help explains how to better track and understand your sales team's strengths and weaknesses, and includes expert insights from sales leaders at CloudCoaching International, Sales Management Association and more.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • 3 sales coaching mistakes – and how to correct them
  • The real differences between “coaching” and “training” 
  • How technology can help you clearly understand your sales’ reps behaviors

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