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Two students from Indonesia and China have been on the trip of a lifetime to London and the Paralympics after winning the British Council’s
This fall, the Brainshark
Currently, 20% of Brainshark presentations created by customers include some type of video, and we expect this will continue to grow in the coming months.
Have you ever made a Brainshark about a process, but really wished you could show a video of it to your audience?
If the company you work for has a philanthropic program or there is a non-profit you are personally involved with, you may want to let them know about the changes to
A few months ago, I wrote about being one of the first people to take the risk and present PowerPoint slides in front of an audience 
There are many Brainshark users in the UK and Europe and 3-4 times per year we visit to either meet one-on-one with customers, conduct  a City Tour event, or hold a User Group meeting.
Customers often ask us about convening an annual User Group meeting. It is a great idea, but  rather than have everybody get on a plane and come to us, we can meet more people by going to you.