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Company YouTube channels provide a great way for organizations to draw more eyes to their video marketing content.
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It’s easy to project PowerPoint slide presentations from mobile devices like the iPad or iPhone – if you have the right tools.
Apple’s next-generation iPhone release will ship with a host of new bells and whistles – but will enterprises take notice?
Can your iPod actually have business value for sales reps and executives? With the ability to use PowerPoint for iPod touch, the answer is yes.    
Sales reps use PowerPoint. They also use smartphones. Put them together, and what do you get?
What’s the benefit to using PowerPoint on your iPhone? For mobile salespeople, it’s all about convenience and flexibility.
Over a year sinc
As enterprise tablet adoption continues to soar, one industry stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Lots of online articles claim to hold the secret – but finding the right formula for a viral video marketing campaign is easier said than done.