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March 16, 2012
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Marketing, Brainshark
Though the use of video for content marketing continues to grow, you could argue that it’s still a somewhat underutilized tool for most companies. As sites like YouTube continue to dominate the search engine universe and increased tablet adoption allows more people to view videos whenever they want...
March 14, 2012
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Marketing, Brainshark
At Brainshark, we talk a lot about the value that engaging video presentations can bring to your content marketing efforts. But we aren’t the only ones talking about it. Across the web, there’s a wealth of information on how businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs can use video marketing to...
March 12, 2012
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Marketing, Brainshark
There’s no denying that the increase in smartphone and tablet adoption has spurred a lot of action in the mobile learning space. But while the opportunity is there for businesses and higher education, is mobile learning really the eLearning trend to watch for this year? It’s certainly near the top...
March 07, 2012
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Marketing, Brainshark
In a recent Brainshark webinar, Marsh Makstein of eSlide shared 10 of his favorite PowerPoint production tips for creating more effective business presentations. One of the topics he covered centered on PowerPoint animations, and some of the ways they can be used to enhance your message without...
March 05, 2012
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Marketing, Brainshark
There’s no denying the value of video for effective content marketing and thought leadership. Not only has new technology made it easier than ever for marketers to create professional, on-demand video presentations, but the use of social media and the latest mobile devices have further simplified...
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