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As we continue to forge ahead with our mobile innovations, we looked at how you would access your account’s presentations from your hand-held phone.  Recognizing the form factor, there is minimal v
Do you or your target audience own an iPhone or an iPad?  If so, you’re one of over 30 million people that does.  And with Verizon already distributing iPads, and recently announcing their plans to
With the New England leaves changing around our office park, Brainshark, too, decided to change a few things as we evolve our products through the seasons.
I’d like to call your attention to a small change we made recently to the myBrainshark service.
Our most recent product release included the launch of a new player for Brainshark presentations.
Video marketing has always been prevalent as the be-all method for gaining brand awareness.  Just look at the value of a Super Bowl ad.  That trend has quickly migrated itself to the net with such
The summer weather has finally hit us in New England - what better time than to BBQ up a nice order of "hurray" for a new product release of myBrains
Though medical marijuana was first legalized in California in 1996, until recently, the law for employers regarding medical marijuana patients kept a fairly low profile.
Our myBrainshark members tend to be on the look out for innovative technology which can be used to enhance their message - whether it be sales, marketing or training oriented.
We finally welcomed the sun to New England and the signs are here that spring is on its way. With warm weather comes even hotter news for the myBrainshark community.
Jeanne C Meister and Karie Willyerd's blog post on Intel's Social Media Training gave a great example of how to dri
How many social media tools are you using to help you prospect and sell on a day-to-day basis? How many web-based applications are you effectively using to streamline your business?