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June 14, 2013
Pat Kelly | ,
I recently read a great article in the McKinsey Quarterly called Givers Take All by Adam Grant.  The article discusses a team of Harvard psychologists that studied the U.S. intelligence system to determine what makes a unit effective. They studied 64 groups and ranked them from best to worst based...
April 11, 2013
Pat Kelly | ,
I was recently reminded how critical it is that each time we interact with a customer we should be conscious of the lasting impact of the interaction.  In a recent blog post for Beyond Philosophy, Colin Shaw discusses the psychology of experience vs. memory.  He pulls from Professor Daniel Kahneman...
January 09, 2012
Pat Kelly | ,
I certainly didn't coin the phrase “Less is more” but I'll apply it to mobile multimedia content because it captures the essence of what should be guiding your content development when building for mobile distribution. On a mobile device your viewer will have less real estate for the visual aspects...
January 03, 2012
Pat Kelly | ,
Over the last couple of weeks, we've been blogging about some best practices around designing content for mobile devices. An important chapter to mobile content design is the audio! The first thing to consider is that your viewer literally is mobile - they might be in a cab going from midtown to...
December 30, 2010
Pat Kelly | ,
The following is an email I received from Jill Greenbaum, Founder & CEO of Schools Unite Network SUN.   The Schools Unite Network received a grant from Brainshark last year to use the Brainshark platform for their non-profit activities.  Brainshark also awards grant recipients free service...
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