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The power of video allows companies to tell their unique story and communicate their value proposition in a way that grabs a
Something happened last year that made me – and probably lots of other people – take pause. More smartphones were sold in 2011 than PCs.  Wow.
To be most effective, sales reps require instant access to the information they need, when they need it. How many times have we heard that?
I just got back from the Corporate Executive Board’s annual Sales & Marketing Summit in Las Vegas.  I had the opportunity to meet quite a number of very impressive heads of sales and marketing,
A topic of continued interest and importance for marketers these days is the challenge of creating and utilizing effective content to drive demand and enable sales.
Trying to remember that Brainshark presentation you viewed recently?
Over the years, B2B marketing and sales has undergone some major changes.  It used to be that marketing would run programs to generate leads, qualify them, and then toss them over the wall to a sal
Pixetell provides software used to produce and share screen recordings/videos.  Unfortunately, they announced on May 2nd that they’ll be shutting down their service as of the end of the
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Mark Lowenstein from Mobile Ecosystem details the history of enterprise mobile and forecasts the roadmap for the space and what it should mean for your mobile strategy.