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"Using only a PowerPoint deck and a phone (or a computer microphone), you can immediately create high-impact business content that's ready to post on YouTube.
Sharon Chumash from SAP Business Objects talks about how Brainshark is an all around cost saver and communication enabler.
The success of an event is most often a function of the preparation that goes into it.  The best event producers, it follows, are generally the best event planners.
This fall, Brainshark will be on the road visiting customers around the world. As always,  we are trying to do things differently.
Video marketing has always been prevalent as the be-all method for gaining brand awareness.  Just look at the value of a Super Bowl ad.  That trend has quickly migrated itself to the net with such
The second in our August series of 30-minute webinars actually lasted 30 minutes!
Prior to Brainshark, for its marketing campaigns, we would send out 2,000 to 5,000 mailings to financial advisors.
On August 4, Ellen Finkelstein worked with the slides of 5 Brainshark customers and gave them a makeover.
Rabobank's website embeds a Brainshark that speaks to the Dutch housing market.
10 year ago, on August 6, the very first view of a Brainshark presentation created by a customer occurred.  Just 9 years earlier on that day, Tim Bern
In case you haven’t heard, Brainshark has gone mobile!  Brainshark and myBrainshark presentations are now accessible directly from any of those smartphones or iPads we’re toting around these days.