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Whenever I'm at a food court, I always walk around looking at the different stalls to see what catches my eye and intrigues my taste buds.
We know that times are tough and we also know that communicating is important.  So if you are finding the cost of customized cards and stamps to be too much for your holiday budget - have no fear -
The last Customer Connect Live on-line webinar of 2009 was a User Group meeting which covered three topics.
One great feature of myBrainshark that many authors have yet to discover is the use of attachments. Got a document that you want to leave behind?
So, you've put up your online presentations and you're telling your story with myBr
Roger Courville and Tre' Wilbanks of the 1080 group and 
Scott Edwards from Kaiser Permanente talks about how Brainshark impacted their sales communication.
Fred DeCock from Tyco Electronics shows how Brainshark helped them communicate effectively on a global level.
I'm seeing a fair amount of presentations on myBrainshark without any voiceover.
It's a pretty typical use case...
As a follow up to a prior feature on United Healthcare's post,
By now we've all heard the adage that "Content is King", but at Brainshark we know that engaging, impactful DELIVERY of content is the true power behind the throne.