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  Whether you’re managing a direct sales team, or channel sellers, the key to igniting better conversations with buyers is very similar. Begin by asking yourself this question:
  Too often front-line sales managers (and a lot of senior managers) try to “manage” sales professionals to improved performance or out of dry spells, instead of coaching them.
The ability to create value when selling is as close as we may come to a silver bullet for reps. How do we create value?
Executive buyers say more than 80% of sales meetings are “a complete waste of time,” according to research from Forrester.
Coaching is the kale of sales organizations. We know it’s healthy, and it’s trendy, but few actually put it on their plate.
As we wrap up 2016 with holiday parties and celebrations, sales teams will take a look back on the year that was – big deals that were won and lost opportunities that still haunt them.
Your channel sales partners are an extension of your in-house team – so why aren’t your enablement strategies reaching them?