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Everyone learns to negotiate to some degree, even from a very early age.
I have been traveling for business for 24 years.  Just like when your kids grow, or your friend loses weight, it’s hard to notice the dramatic difference when change happens bit by bit.
Lawrence Crocco is a Training Manager at KARL STORZ Endoscopy, a
One thing we’ve been repeatedly noticing here at Brainshark is that many of our customers constantly find more and more ways to use the product after they purchase.
The Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) at Penn State is a research institute which focuses on business-to-business marketing.
Here is the myBrainshark May 2011 newsletter that was recently sent out to our customers. Click on the screenshot below to be taken directly to the newsletter.
For 3 years, Brainshark has awarded “Sharkies” for the best presentations created by customers.
We want
A webinar featuring Jim Dickie, Managing Partner at CSO Insights, that explores how to improve your sales performance in the tech industry.
On May 19,  our first Brainshark Success Tour of the spring season took place in Toronto. Co-sponsored by the U.S. Commercial Service, which is part of the U.S.
Spence-Chapin uses Brainshark presentations to attract and educate different constituencies about our programs and services.  Specific presentations are described below.           
Our myBrainshark Director of Product Marketing, Jay Wilder, has been a busy m