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Earlier this week, the Marketing Cloud hosted a great webinar, Using Social Tools for B2B Storytelling & Demand Generation.
Earlier this month, we blogged about Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney’s PowerPoint slides.
Last week, Brainshark joined Baptie & Company to deliver a webinar for their channel focus community.
Do you use or are you considering using a Marketing Automation system in your company?  How does Brainshark enhance and complement the processes of an automation system?
PowerPoint related webinars continue to be the most popu
Brainshark has saved us a ton of time and as a result, a ton of money!  We are a human services company so there are many, many, many regulatory trainings that we need take each year.  Did I mentio
As featured at America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Conference 2011
This summer, Brainshark wants to thank you for your good ideas!
This is our June 2011 Brainshark customer newsletter. This month, we highlight our summer series, where you can learn stuff, win gear, and have fun!
Let's face it, we've all taken bad training. You know, the kind...the "hold-your-nose-and-get-through-it-as-fast-as-you-can" training.
Today, Mitt Romney, former governor of our state, Massachusetts, will announce (or has announced, depending on when you read this) his candidacy for president.
I just read an interesting article on GigaOm entitled