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Coronavirus: Quick Resources for Sales Organizations During a Crisis

Mar 17th, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve rapidly, we recognize companies and their sales organizations are working hard to make the best decisions for their employees and business. With so much information out there, here is a collection of some of the most relevant ideas, advice and suggestions for sales and sales enablement teams during this critical time.

Sales Enablement & Readiness Strategies

4 Ways to Support Your Sales Team During a Crisis

When there’s a crisis, your sales team needs to know what to prioritize and how to react to customers and prospects. Here are 4 ways you can support them through the situation.

Enabling Remote Workers: 5 Thoughts for Sales Readiness

With heightened concerns over travel, many businesses are facing the reality of supporting a remote workforce. This blog outlines 5 ideas for sales readiness throughout the ongoing situation.

Sales Readiness for Remote Workers

This datasheet summarizes how to engage with a remote workforce, including details on how Brainshark’s sales readiness platform keeps client-facing teams connected and on the same page when it comes to onboarding, continuous training, coaching and more.

Sales and Marketing Approach Shifting During a Crisis? Customer Advocates Can Help!

This blog from Forrester reveals how you can manage your events, references and client engagement with the help of your most valuable customer advocates.

Making the Shift to Online Learning

IBM Watson Health’s sales enablement leader, Paul Petroski, shares insightful tips for engaging sales teams with online training and how he thinks of learning as a journey, not an event.

Managing an SDR Team Remotely During COVID-19

The Bridge Group shares steps to take over the next 20 days to enable SDRs in a remote work situation.

How to Be Successful at Remote Sales, According to HubSpot’s Remote Salesforce

In this post, HubSpot gathered top tips from their remote salesforce, as well as best practices for managing a group of remote employees.

Strategies for Managing Remote Sales Teams (By Choice or By Necessity)

This blog summarizes tactics for keeping sales reps on track during a remote work period, including focusing 1-1 meetings on coaching, making pipeline reviews strategic and sharing individual wins.

Seven Tips for Selling in the Age of a Pandemic

A Forrester analyst outlines his top priorities for sales teams during a crisis, such as how to strategically use sales content and leveraging remote work tools.

Making the Transition to Live Online Sales Training

Many companies are being faced with the decision of moving sales training online. Sales Readiness Group offers some ways to make that transition easier.

Sales & Marketing Events

Making the Most of Remote Meetings and Events with Sales Readiness Technology

This blog post outlines how to smoothly transition your in-person sales events (SKO, quarterly business reviews, onsite training, etc.) to remote or virtual meetings with the help of a sales readiness platform.

Coronavirus, Trade Shows and Value vs. Venue

Matt Heinz shares the benefits of virtual summits – a reality that many companies are facing right now – and poses a challenge to sales and marketing teams: to rethink go-to-market strategies and reinvent how to create, deliver and build on the value of events.

Best Practices for Hosting a Digital Event

In this post by Zoom, they define ways to conduct meetings and webinars, including tips for how to be an effective host, engage your audience and broaden your reach.

Marketing Your Event During COVID-19

This blog covers tactics for event management during a crisis that can apply to all types of sales and marketing professionals that handle meetings and events and are considering contingency plans.

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions? Virtual Sales Training Options

This post from Sales Readiness Group explores best practices to leverage when you’re faced with switching your in-person training sessions to virtual.

Sixteen Ways to Deliver Virtual Content Experiences When Event Plans Change

Another post from Forrester shares ideas for innovating with virtual events, such as hosting virtual event spaces, microsites and interaction mechanisms that align with the planned in-person event experience.

Internal Communications/Remote Work Tips

With Coronavirus in Mind, Is Your Organization Ready for Remote Work?

Gartner shares insights on how to prepare for workplace and employee needs during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. They even include ideas for how to leverage technology and best practices for communication.

Coronavirus: How to Handle Your Corporate Communications

This Forbes article features crisis communication tips that apply to all types of businesses, such as effective ways to connect with employees, stakeholders and customers.  

Responding to Coronavirus: A Playbook for Marketing and Communications

Forrester’s principal analyst, Julie Ogilvie, put together this blog, which is full of ways to be proactive during a crisis, such as developing flexible response plans and forming a task force.

18+ Working from Home Tips: How to Set Up & Thrive with Remote Work         

Sales Hacker compiled this list of great remote work tips, including ideas for better communication, meetings, workspaces and technology.

11 Quick Tips for Managing a Distributed Team

This post from G2 offers practical advice for making life easier for both managers and employees of a remote team.