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Colleague -- Just wanted to take a minute to update you on a few things.
PowerPoint is an easy program to learn but there's so much more behind the surface that's not very obvious to a new or even a long-time user – and getting to know more about those hidden options ca
January is off to a busy start in product development at Brainshark.  Our first release of the year scheduled for later this month will lay the groundwork for offering an unhooked SCORM package for
Scott Millward, Director of Learning and Organization Development at the Warner Bros.
You may have heard in the news by now about an amazing story of second chances for a man named Ted Williams, whose now known as the man with the "Golden Radio Voice."  The Brooklyn
This webinar focuses on the communication shift that we have been experiencing world-wide toward web and video presentations, as well as the content shift that is occuring between sales and marketi
m62 Killer Sales Presentations talks about the importance of video and audio in making your presentations dynamic.
It's been a great year for us on the myBrainshark team.
The following is an email I received from Jill Greenbaum, Founder & CEO of
The 10 Qualities of the Purpose Driven Leader is Performance Solutions by Design's helpful seminar.
This month, Forbes Insights, in association with Google, has released an excellent new report entitled "Video in the C-Suite: Executives Embrace the Non-Text Web." Their findings are based on a survey
Brainshark is proud to announce the third Annual Sharkie Awards recognizing individuals and organizations who have demonstrated excellence in their business communications using Brainshark.