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Introducing RolePlayAI: The AI sales simulator that ensures sellers are ready for anything 

Jun 12th, 2024
Introducing RolePlayAI: The AI sales simulator that ensures sellers are ready for anything

Where do your sellers practice?

Sales Mastery’s Barry Trailer brought up this important question all sales leaders should be asking during a recent roundtable on the impact of AI on sales.

If you don’t have an answer or your answer is “on our customers,” then you’re “playing with live ammo,” says Trailer. 

Some managers prefer this “throw them to the wolves” philosophy, but your customers didn’t sign up to be your sales coaches. Your reps need a safe place to practice and prepare for the unexpected without such high stakes tied to the outcome — like being eaten by a pack of wolves. Or losing a six-figure deal.

Roleplay is the most effective form of sales practice, providing benefits like: 

  • Realistic skill application through sales simulation
  • Enhanced retention of information
  • Boosting confidence through low-stakes practice
  • Immediate, on-demand feedback

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce what might be the most important development in sales practice to date: RolePlayAI, an AI sales simulator that gives sellers that “on the ground” experience managers want via real-time conversations with AI — all without the repercussions of putting unprepared reps in front of real customers. 

What’s new

Simulate real sales scenarios in real-time text and audio conversations

You want your reps to get that real-world experience engaging with customers who come in all shapes, sizes, and attitudes. 

Now they can get the experience without the pain of losing a sale, getting the company a bad review or reputation, or losing confidence early on after too many rejections by practicing text and audio conversations with a generative AI counterpart that simulates buying scenarios in real-time.

sales roleplay AI audio start talking

The AI accurately takes on buyer personas and concerns in both text and audio conversations, providing consistent and realistic feedback on seller’s delivery — which may not always be achievable with human managers.

ai sales simulator with audio stop recording

After nailing their verbal delivery, sellers can practice engaging with customers in text-based conversations to thoroughly round out their communication skills. 

They may also want to ease into roleplay by starting via text and moving to audio. Or perhaps only one or the other needs work. 

roleplay ai text conversations for sales practice

With RolePlayAI, their options are open for sellers and managers to choose the training format that works best for them.

Sidestep sales manager constraints

Sometimes we expect too much of sales managers. 

Their responsibilities can vary depending on the industry and the size of the organization, but generally, they’re expected to cover strategic planning, team management, performance analysis, and customer relationship management — and then they’re supposed to be a sales coach on top of all that. 

They simply don’t have enough time. And as much as they might want to be Leonardo Dicaprio or Margot Robbie, it’s unfair to assume they have the acting skills to pull off a convincing roleplay.

The manager might not have that much dialogue variability, whereas with the AI, it’s different every single time.

The manager piece is, quite frankly, the largest pain point our customers have. They’re the largest bottleneck for getting roleplay or for getting coaching done in general.

-Phil Stiff, Bigtincan Senior Product Manager for AI Coaching & Training

RolePlayAI allows your team to roleplay at scale without putting more on busy sales managers’ plates or turning them into bottlenecks. 

roleplay ai sales simulation transcript for manager review

It provides sellers a safe place to practice until they feel confident without having to take up a manager’s time to do so. 

RolePlayAI lets reps run exercises back to back for as long as they want to practice. They won’t be interrupted when the manager needs to make it to their next meeting. And when they finally do share their activity results with their manager after having practiced a few times, it’s not as frustrating for the manager to review because they’re submitting a more polished presentation. 

The AI is also able to emulate real-world meetings with more variability in terms of the buyer personas, objections, and personalities sellers will encounter in the field, and do so consistently so reps get reliable practice and objective feedback. 

Plus, managers can always review RolePlayAI transcripts and activities on their own time to provide extra feedback as needed.

Set up your ideal (or worst case) selling scenario

Not all sales scenarios are sunny. By crafting each RolePlay scenario according to your needs, sellers can practice how to turn a salty conversation sweet or how to respond quickly to difficult questions.

create custom roleplay ai activities

When setting up a RolePlay activity, admins can define:

  • Whether it’s an audio or text-based activity 
  • The product or service being sold
  • The goal of the conversation
  • The objectives the seller must achieve in the conversation
  • The customer’s pain points 
  • The account information
  • The customer’s communication style
  • The grading system and feedback categories
  • And more, such as the language and time limit for the activity

By choosing from different customer communication styles, you can put them in front of a really intense customer like the Skeptical Analyst or the Direct Negotiator so they know how it feels to completely tank a conversation — and then turn it around.

roleplay ai customer communication style simulator

They can practice selling value with the Indifferent Browser and learn how to slow the conversation down and build patience with the Reflective Thinker.

Use sales simulations in coaching, courses, and certifications

RolePlayAI is an effective tool on its own, but it doesn’t exist in a silo. RolePlay activities can be assigned and reported on as part of the intelligent enablement platform cycle. And it’s not limited to your sellers, either.

RolePlay AI Course in learning Curriculum

 Adding RolePlay activities to coaching challenges, onboarding courses, and certification curricula helps increase knowledge retention and learning engagement. 

Whether it’s for a product launch, leadership coaching, general skill-building, or diversity and inclusion training, RolePlayAI makes learning modules more accessible, interactive, and impactful. 

Step into the sales simulator

Ready to put your sellers on the practice field? It’s all prepped and waiting for them.

Get in touch to test it out yourself.