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Is It Time to Re-Train Reps on Your Sales Technology Toolset?

Aug 12th, 2020

We’ve recently looked at why a lot of companies are doubling down on sales training right now. So with that in mind – what are the best training areas to focus on?

One option is to refresh your sales technology learning paths. With so many teams working from home right now, a lot of reps are utilizing the sales tech stack (engagement tools, social media tools, etc.) more than ever before.  

This short video takes a quick look at why some companies – including Brainshark – have developed new training options to ensure their remote reps are prepared to use these tools effectively and efficiently.

At Brainshark, we’re helping companies like Sendbird power sales enablement for their remote teams.

To see how Brainshark can help elevate your own sales enablement programs, schedule a live demo today.