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November 14, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Optimizing sales talent is typically both a priority – and challenge– for every sales organization. Recruiting and hiring top talent is the first step, but even the best sellers need to be armed with the knowledge and content to sell your products with your unique value propositions.  And that’s...
November 10, 2016
Jim Ninivaggi | @jninivaggi | Senior Vice President, Business Development, Brainshark
At the risk of alienating those of you who are not fans of sports, sports analogies, or either the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians – I submit to you yet another sports analogy. Collective groan.  I can hear you now – “not another ’sales as sports’ analogy!” But this one is good.  We think....
November 08, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Want a more productive sales force? Everyone does – and successful onboarding is the first step. The problem is, many sales onboarding strategies aren’t as effective as they should be. Just look at the numbers:   Top executives say that “cutting the time it takes for new reps to close...
November 07, 2016
Mike Kunkle | @mike_kunkle | Sales Readiness Consultant, Brainshark
There's no doubt that sales professionals need to understand their products and services. This is a given. What’s troublesome is, despite how much has been written on this topic, so many companies still aren’t maximizing the potential of their product training efforts.  I could go back much...
November 04, 2016
Kellie Regan | Product Marketing Manager, Brainshark
As companies grow, we know it’s critical to not only ramp up sales reps and channel partners quickly, but also to keep them up-to-date and in-the-know. Yet, according to research from McKinsey, 75% of training programs fail to contribute to the success of business. Companies continuously...
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