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July 12, 2012
It’s that time of year again. Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) is putting on its annual event marketing conference, CEMA Summit 2012, July 15-17. Now in its 22nd year, the summit offers business professionals the opportunity to interact with and learn from some of the top event...
July 11, 2012
For higher quality PowerPoint and Brainshark presentations, I have the good fortune to work with a team of graphic designers. Like any collaborative project, the experience can either be very rewarding and efficient for all parties, or frustrating and drawn out. Using the following guidelines, our...
July 10, 2012
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Corporate Marketing, Brainshark
Recently, I came upon a post by “sales heretic” Don Cooper on the “Top Ten PowerPoint Mistakes Salespeople Make.” It’s a good read both because a) he covers common problems that are easily fixable, and b) good PowerPoints are super-important to successful sales presentations – especially as tablets...
July 10, 2012
If you're a frequent browser of our newsletters, you'll know that helping you create better presentations is kind of a big priority for us. We’re staying true to form this month with our regular assortment of PowerPoint tips, webinars, and blog content. Also, you can register for a special...
July 09, 2012
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Corporate Marketing, Brainshark
Back in May, I compiled a list of (mostly true) facts on mobile marketing that I thought were particularly interesting. Not surprisingly, a fair amount of the data revolved around mobile video, especially on how mobile devices are spurring video consumption and viewership. (As CMI founder Joe...
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