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April 08, 2019
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Marketing, Brainshark
Dress Like Jim Ninivaggi Day. It was an idea that came up nearly a year earlier. At Brainshark, on the third Thursday of each month, we have an all-company gathering. The departments take turns hosting the get-together, and there’s always a theme. This time, the idea was that we’d all dress in...
April 01, 2019
Lauren Boutwell | @LBoutwell88 | Senior Content & Programs Manager, Brainshark
Sixty-two percent of companies say they’re ineffective at onboarding new sales reps, according to the Sales Management Association. But if every company has to onboard new hires, why is it so hard? Poor onboarding typically happens for a few reasons: Reps take too long to ramp up Onboarding is...
March 26, 2019
Dave Lichtman | @lichtmandave | Founder, Enablematch
Think back to your high school days. Remember taking the SAT?  It's nerve-racking and important to your future, which is why many of us worked with an SAT tutor in high school. But how do you hire a good one when they all basically do the same thing? If you were researching potential tutors,...
March 25, 2019
Alec Shirkey | @Alec_Shirkey | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
As a new sales manager, it can be startling to realize that you are no longer only responsible for your own work. It’s now your job to ensure the entire team delivers results, even when it involves changing the habits of sales reps who struggle to meet expectations, have attitude problems, or...
March 20, 2019
Lauren Boutwell | @LBoutwell88 | Senior Content & Programs Manager, Brainshark
This post originally appeared on Smart Selling Tools' Sales Technology Blog. Finding the right sales talent isn’t easy – but even when you hire the perfect candidate, keeping them for the long-term can be a whole different challenge. New reps must be supported from day one with sales readiness...
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