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May 04, 2017
Lauren Brousell | @LBrousell | Senior Content & Programs Manager, Brainshark
When you think of sales enablement, you probably think about supporting reps, boosting sales productivity and increasing positive business outcomes. After all, sales enablement is all about supporting the reps, right? Well, yes – but not entirely. What many sales organizations don’t realize is...
May 02, 2017
Brendan Cournoyer | @brencournoyer | VP, Marketing, Brainshark
There’s plenty of research available today that shows both the high value of sales coaching (the majority of executives believe it’s the most important role sales managers play) and the struggle many have to do so consistently and effectively (77% of companies feel they don’t provide enough...
April 28, 2017
PJ Carter | @PJCarter25 | Influencer Relations Manager, Brainshark
Learning expert Eduardo Briceño recently delivered a TED Talk that illustrated how we can improve our skills. As he discussed how we can better position ourselves to truly grow and learn, I couldn’t help but apply his logic to sales enablement and helping reps become better salespeople. It’s no...
April 27, 2017
Jim Ninivaggi | @jninivaggi | Chief Readiness Officer, Brainshark
As a frequent business traveler, I often need to pack a suit or two. I pride myself on two things: First, I can pack everything I need for a whole week in a single carry-on, and second, I rarely need to use the iron at the hotel. But in a quest for continuous improvement, I did some homework. I...
April 25, 2017
Rachel Merkin | Event Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Spring tradeshow season is upon us, and you’re probably gearing up for the back half of 2017. Whether you’re looking to adjust your sales readiness strategy or aiming to drive adoption of a new technology or strategy, a spring tradeshow is a great place to help get fresh ideas flowing. And you’...
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