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December 15, 2017
Lauren Brousell | @LBrousell | Senior Content & Programs Manager, Brainshark
Did you know you likely have a wealth of untapped knowledge across your salesforce? Don’t just let it sit there unused -- harness that knowledge and share it across your salesforce in the form of peer learning content. Peer learning is the practice of sharing knowledge and best practices across...
December 13, 2017
Alex Roy | Account Development Representative, Brainshark
In sales, whatever role you’re in – CRO, business development or account management – it shouldn’t affect your ability to show up, strive to be better every day, and dominate in your role. You should have the mindset that there’s always room for improvement. Here are 10 things I’ve learned as a...
December 12, 2017
Lauren Shepherd | @_laurenshep | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
The end of the year is upon us yet again. Whether your sales team has already met their goals and is taking some much-needed time off, or if they’re working up to the last minute, the start of the new year is the perfect time to recharge your batteries while thinking of ways to continue to...
December 08, 2017
Lauren Shepherd | @_laurenshep | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
There are some sales teams that seem to operate like a well-oiled machine. They consistently crush their goals month after month, bringing in one major deal after another. But what is that X factor that makes the difference for them? Successful sales teams don’t just sell effectively, nail the...
December 06, 2017
Lauren Brousell | @LBrousell | Senior Content & Programs Manager, Brainshark
This year has been a big year for sales enablement. According to CSO Insights 2017 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, nearly 60% of respondents (up from 33% last year) have a sales enablement function, person or program and 73% of them now report to senior sales management. At Brainshark, we’...
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