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January 06, 2010
"Using Brainshark has enabled us to reach a wider audience in a more sophisticated manner." Brainshark has assisted us with revitalizing one of our internal recognition programs. To acknowledge the teamwork and effort that go into winning new business, we create a Brainshark presentation. A senior...
January 01, 2010
The last of the May series of webinars presented by thought leaders was hosted by Roger Grannis of Clearview Creative Communications. The script is the foundation of your Brainshark presentation and a good script will also help organize your slides. The content of the presentation included the 7-...
December 21, 2009
Elearning! Magazine Group's Annual Readers' Choice Awards Highlight Brainshark as ‘Best Rapid Development Tool'
December 19, 2009
One great feature of myBrainshark that many authors have yet to discover is the use of attachments. Got a document that you want to leave behind? Got an audio-only summary you'd like people to download? Just add it as an attachment and extend the reach and value of your presentation. Watch the 90-...
December 17, 2009
Whenever I'm at a food court, I always walk around looking at the different stalls to see what catches my eye and intrigues my taste buds. More often than not, I wind up eating at a place after taking a taste from one of the people handing out free samples in front of the stalls. And so it is with...
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