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December 16, 2009
Pat Kelly | ,
We know that times are tough and we also know that communicating is important.  So if you are finding the cost of customized cards and stamps to be too much for your holiday budget - have no fear - Brainshark is here.  myBrainshark is a place where you can go and create customized Holiday cards for...
December 16, 2009
The last Customer Connect Live on-line webinar of 2009 was a User Group meeting which covered three topics. The 2010 Sharkies for the Best Presentation of the Year, results of the Fall 2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey, and giving away 10 FlipCams. To view the highlights of the meeting click here....
December 10, 2009
One great feature of myBrainshark that many authors have yet to discover is the use of attachments. Got a document that you want to leave behind? Got an audio-only summary you'd like people to download? Just add it as an attachment and extend the reach and value of your presentation. Watch the 90-...
December 04, 2009
So, you've put up your online presentations and you're telling your story with myBrainshark. Great! People are seeing it, but how can you accelerate your views and get even more value from it? How about extending the reach of your presentation by linking and embedding it, so that it can go out and...
December 03, 2009
Roger Courville and Tre' Wilbanks of the 1080 group and The Virtual Presenter put together a compelling best practice presentation on developing webinar content. Really this advice extends out beyond the virtual presentation and even into the in-person or instructor-lead training (ILT.) Roger...
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