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November 17, 2008
Pat Kelly | ,
All too often we distribute content the easiest way, or the fastest way, or the way "we always have".  If your goal is to merely distribute the content then these methods are perfectly acceptable.  However, if you goal is to get the content in front of the audience, to educate and inform and share...
October 28, 2008
There are many books about what makes a great presentation, but I have yet to find one specifically about multi-media content like Brainshark.  This is not to say that these books aren't helpful because they are.  There are many presenting fundamentals that apply to all good presentations such as...
October 21, 2008
Pat Kelly | ,
This entire 6 Step series is about having a sound process for developing a great multi-media communication. Step 3 is about mapping out who is going to do what, when are they going to do it and who needs to approve it, all before it is actually distributed. There will be cases where this is an...
October 10, 2008
Pat Kelly | ,
Now that you have a clear objective for this communication it is time to turn our attention to the audience. I am certain that one of the first things you know about a communication is who your intended audience is. However, I would suspect that we do not always really KNOW the audience, nor do we...
September 18, 2008
I had the opportunity to speak to the eCommerce Council of the Mutual Fund Education Alliance in Chicago. I was invited to be on a panel moderated by Dale Line of Sentinel Investments. I was joined on the panel by Michael Stull of Nuveen Investments and Martin Gawne of William Blair & Company...
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