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April 10, 2009
Do you have a library of old corporate videos and need a way to repurpose them? Are you creating product demo's using screen capture tools and looking for a better way to add your voice and distribute them? Why not use Brainshark to host your video files? You can easily add video to an...
April 08, 2009
Software as a Service, or SaaS, continues to demonstrate its advantages. I came across this article which highlights some of the advantages of utilizing on-demand applications as a green alternative. When you combine the potential energy savings of leveraging SaaS with the idea of creating a...
March 31, 2009
Pat Kelly | ,
The support or lack of support an organization has for teaching and learning speaks to the culture of the organization. Organizations that support teaching and learning create environments where learners/employees get acess to people, information and skills so that they can do their jobs more...
March 23, 2009
These are questions that were submitted during our webinar on script writing and recording audio. Question:  I'm a product specialist, not necessarily a professional speaker - if I use an 'um' or stumble over a word - is it critical that I edit that out? Tibby:  The goal is always to deliver clean...
March 09, 2009
Pat Kelly | ,
If you're faced with providing better measurement of your online marketing programs like generating leads from your website or Google Adwords programs, try using tracking codes. Simply append the source of your link to your Brainshark URL like this: /brainshark/vu/view.asp?pi=600460867&tx=...
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