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January 14, 2009
Pat Kelly | ,
In our Presentation Best Practices Tutorial, we talk about the average length that your on-demand multimedia business communication should be. We vary the recommendation based on the audience and the purpose of the presentation. This best practice was originally born from the viewing behavior data...
December 22, 2008
It is the time of year when giving is the thing to do. Not that giving is inappropriate at other times but there is a little more focus on it in late December. So I have something for you. It is a presentation checklist that first appeared in the book by Henry M. Boettinger titled, Moving...
December 19, 2008
Pat Kelly | ,
At this time of year we often take stock of where we are and where we are going.  We may rationalize not losing ten pounds this year and once again vow to do it before summer arrives.  We may be reminded of the guitar lessons we were going to take and never seemed to fit in to the schedule. It is...
November 17, 2008
Pat Kelly | ,
All too often we distribute content the easiest way, or the fastest way, or the way "we always have".  If your goal is to merely distribute the content then these methods are perfectly acceptable.  However, if you goal is to get the content in front of the audience, to educate and inform and share...
October 28, 2008
There are many books about what makes a great presentation, but I have yet to find one specifically about multi-media content like Brainshark.  This is not to say that these books aren't helpful because they are.  There are many presenting fundamentals that apply to all good presentations such as...
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